London to Amsterdam by bus

A few years ago it was not so common to travel by bus or coach from Amsterdam to London, but that has all changed. There are now several comfortable buses or coaches running daily with WiFi and other facilities between the two cities. Most buses take the ferry from Dunkirk or Calais to Dover and the boat trip takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours (1 hour to board the boat and 1.5 to 2 hours of sailing). The entire journey takes between 11 – 17 hours, depending on the number of quick stops en route. The slowest bus journeys take 21h 30m, whereby you usually have to transfer once or twice during the journey. It is the cheapest and you can save a lot of money if you have the time, however, travellers on a schedule are better off taking the train or plane.

Transport  Estimated Travel Time One-way € Sustainability
Train 3-h 55-min Low €40,- avg €68,- high €132,- High
Flight 1h 15min Low €90,- avg €120,- high €140,- Low
Bus 11h – 17h Low €36,- avg €52,- high €74,- High
Ferry 7h – 17h Low €49,- avg €89,- high €129,- Medium
Car 5h 55min Low €,170,-  high €250,- per car Medium

Disclaimer: always check the latest prices on the websites of our partners. The prices above were last updated 25th of February 2020

Via this page, we give you a quick overview of different ways of transport from Amsterdam to London.

  1. By bus from London to Amsterdam; there are lots of opportunities for a bus trip from London City to Amsterdam. The entire journey takes 11 to 17 hours, depending on the number of boarding places en route.
  2. Trains from London to Amsterdam there are trains from London to Amsterdam with the Eurostar via Brussels, and from Brussels with the Intercity to Amsterdam. The travel time is approximately 4 hours.
  3. By ferry from London to Amsterdam; there are three different ferry lines from the United Kingdom to the Netherlands. The closest harbor to London is Harwhich from where a ferry departs to Hook of Holland. This crossing takes 7 hours. The two other ferry lines depart from Newcastle and Hull.
  4. Flights from London to Amsterdam; lots of flights depart London’s airports every day for Schiphol Airport. The flight time between London and Amsterdam is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. Fortunately, there is also a possibility for cheap tickets from London to Amsterdam.
  5. By car from London to Amsterdam; it is definitely possible to find your way from London to Amsterdam by car. There are different routes and we will be naming all of them here.

London to Amsterdam by bus

For those travelling from Amsterdam to London, boarding takes place at the Radarweg, in front of the Sloterdijk train station. You can, of course, find the boarding address on your ticket. In London, the journey will end at Victoria Station. From this central station, you can easily reach any destination in London.

There are up to 7 buses, including 4 Night buses, between London and Amsterdam. The first bus London is at 8:30 AM, the arrival in Amsterdam is at 8:00 PM. The latest departure is at 22:30 and arriving at 09:40. The ticket price for adults is between €23,- and €56,-. The shortest travel distance between London (GB) and Amsterdam (NL) is 537 km. The fastest bus that leaves at 14:00 has a travel time of 10:10h. The longest travel time on the route is 12: 45h. If you want to travel at night, you will find 4 buses between London and Amsterdam. The night buses depart between 14:00 and 22:30 and arrive between 00:10 and 09:40 in the morning.

Those travelling from London to Amsterdam will board at Victoria Station. If you are not familiar with the station, it is wise to be there an hour in advance, as it may take some time to find the right platform. In Amsterdam, you will get off at the Sloterdijk train station and from there you can easily travel further to the city centre with the train.

Night buses from London to Amsterdam

Night buses run in both directions. It takes 2 hours from London to reach Dover, where you will have to disembark for the boat trip. The arrival time in Calais or Dunkirk is approximately 4.5 hours after departure from London. From Amsterdam, you can sleep for about five hours before you arrive at the ferry.

Other cities on the route from London to Amsterdam

Not all buses run non-stop from London to Amsterdam or vice versa. Some buses stop en route, for example in Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam or Ghent. The stop is usually short, just for people to get in and out.

Note: Do not forget to bring a valid ID proof because you will travel through several countries. Without an ID it can happen that the bus company has to leave you at the border!

Which buses run from London to Amsterdam?

FlixBus, National Express and OUIBUS provide bus connections between London and Amsterdam.
With these bus companies, you also travel to Amsterdam without transferring.
The shortest bus journey between the English capital and the Netherlands takes 9 hours and 25 minutes.
The cheapest bus ticket on this route is from 15 euros. This makes a bus ticket considerably cheaper than a ticket for the train or plane.

From which bus station do buses in London depart?

Stations and stops

Buses leaving from London to Amsterdam depart from Victoria Coach Station, Golders Green, Victoria Coach Station, Victoria Coach Station, Victoria Coach Station, Buckingham Palace Road, 76-77 A4, 124 Park Ln, Victoria Green Line Station or Victoria Coach Station.

A bus ride to Amsterdam will take you to Duivendrecht, Sloterdijk, Radarweg, AMS Airport, Duivendrecht, Sloterdijk, Duivendrecht, Amstel, De Ruijterkade or Europaboulevard P18.

Your bus journey from London almost always starts at London Victoria Coach Station. This bus station is located right next to the major Victoria Station train station on Buckingham Palace Road. Victoria Station processes the most passengers of the English capital after Waterloo Station every year.

The station is located five kilometres southwest of the centre of London. The fastest way to get to Victoria Station from this centre is by metro. With the District Line and Circle Line it is a 10-minute drive from the Tower Hill, Monument Station and Mansion House Station stops.

Before the National Express buses arrive at London Victoria Coach Station, they depart from the smaller London Sutton Rail Station. This station is on the very southwest side of London. The city centre is approximately 15 kilometres away. The train (Southern) takes 30 minutes from Victoria Station to get to London Sutton Rail.

At which bus stop do buses arrive in Amsterdam?

Most buses departing from the Victoria Coach Station are from the companies: OUIBUS and FlixBus and they end their journey from London to Amsterdam at the bus stop in front of Amsterdam Sloterdijk train station. From this station, you can easily travel by train to Amsterdam Central Station, which is located right next to the city centre.

In addition, a number of FlixBus buses also stop at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. You then get off at the entrance of the Sheraton Hotel and parking terminal P1. From this stop, you can quickly reach the departure terminals and the train station under the airport.

The National Express buses stop at the large parking lot at Amsterdam Duivendrecht Station. This station is located on the south side of the city and has excellent train and metro connections to the centre of Amsterdam.

What are the FlixBus bus departure times from London to Amsterdam?

Three FlixBuses leave from Victoria Coach Station to Amsterdam every day. The first bus of the day leaves at 10:30 in the morning. With a travel time of 9 hours and 25 minutes, this direct FlixBus is also the fastest bus connection between London and Amsterdam.

The second FlixBus departs at 2 p.m. and arrives the following morning at 8.15 p.m. Along the way, you change at Brussels North Station. The last FlixBus of the day will leave London at 9:30 PM and arrive at Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station at 9:30 AM the next day. If you want to go to Schiphol Airport with this bus, transfer to Rotterdam on the way.

What are the National Express Bus departure times from London to Amsterdam?

You can board the National Express at Victoria Coach Station and at London Sutton Rail Station. If you get in at the latter station, you must always transfer to Victoria Coach Station afterwards.

Note: The fastest bus of this company takes almost 10 hours on the direct journey from Victoria Coach Station to Amsterdam. The other National Express buses take a maximum of 12 hours on this journey.

During the week they leave five times a day and during the weekend you have a choice of six departure times. The first National Express bus of the day leaves at 5.18 a.m. from Sutton Rail Station and then at 8.00 a.m. from Victoria Coach Station. The last bus of the day departs from Sunday to Friday at 8.18 pm from Sutton Rail Station and at 11 pm from Victoria Coach Station. On Saturday this last bus leaves one hour later, so at 9.18 p.m. and 11.59 p.m. respectively.

What are the OUIBUS bus departure times from London to Amsterdam?

The first OUIBUS of the day leaves from Friday to Monday at 10 am from London. The direct connection takes 11.10 hours, with a transfer in Lille you are 40 minutes longer on the road. In addition, buses from this French company leave on all days at 9.30 p.m., 10.30 p.m. and 11.30 p.m. Because you can choose between direct buses and a transfer in Paris Bercy, you are 11.25 am to 8.20 pm on the road.

Bus prices from London to Amsterdam

There are different bus carriers operating the London – Amsterdam route. With most carriers, you have (if you book on time) a return ticket going for approximately €25,-. It is always a good idea to find out what the best deal is and compare at least different carriers before booking. The best way to get a cheap price is by booking your ticket as early as possible and travelling outside rush hour. The average ticket price from London to Amsterdam is around €38,- if you buy it on the day itself. However, you can find the cheapest tickets for €25,- if you book on time.

Looking for public transport near you?

Via the Dutch public transport system, it’s very easy to get instant real-time travel information to the airport or the closest train station. Most of the people in the Netherlands use the site or app from Via the button bellow, you go instantly to their site.

  1. Fill in your departure location
  2. Fill in the time and date of departure
  3. Fill in your destination, and you’re good to go.


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