Lovers – New York Pizza cruise – review

Amsterdam’s canals are undoubtedly among the city’s best features, and a boat ride is the ideal way to discover them. Among the many fantastic canal cruises in Amsterdam available, the Lovers New York Pizza Canal Cruise stands out as a fun – and delicious – way to experience the city.

This 75-minute canal cruise offers the pleasure of sightseeing with delicious pizza, refreshing drinks, lively music, and a friendly crew. By its nature, this cruise is perfectly suited for everyone—families, couples, and groups of friends alike.

Discover why this Lovers pizza canal cruise in Amsterdam is a must-do, whether you’re a visitor or resident looking for an enjoyable sightseeing experience or a different way to see the city.

Pizza canal cruise lovers

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Lovers New York Pizza Canal Cruise

Soft drinks and beer are served on each table. You can also request other drinks from the crew

Lovers New York Pizza canal cruise

The pizza cruises are perfect for couples, families (kids need to be over 4 years of age), and groups

Important cruise information

The New York Pizza by Lovers cruise leaves from the “Lovers Dock” at Prins Henrikkade 20B, close to Amsterdam Central Station. You only need to arrive at least 15 minutes before your Lovers boat departs, but can also go earlier and go to the café at the dock for a beer, coffee or snack. The cafe also has a restroom facility.

The boat is covered, which means you can comfortably cruise in any season and still stay dry and warm. It’s a win-win, too, because when the weather is sunny, the boat top opens up. There are also large windows that you can open for fresh air or to get some great pictures.

The seats are fairly comfortable, and each table seats four people. If you’re a couple, you might get your own table depending on availability, but this is not guaranteed. We noticed some couples befriending other couples at the same table and even exchanging contact details after the cruise.

Children over the age of four are allowed on this cruise, making it a suitable family outing. On our cruise, there were several bachelorette groups, and while we worried they might be loud and partying hard, the whole vibe was relaxed, and we needn’t have been concerned.

New York Pizza by Lovers cruise

Spotting one of the many Lovers cruises, a common site along the canals

Lovers New York Pizza canal cruise

Supper is served!

Lovers New York Pizza canal cruise

You can choose from 5 varieties of pizza when you book your tickets. There’s also a vegan and kiddie’s option.

Setting sail

Upon boarding, there are warm welcomes from the captain and crew, and you’re shown to your table. While you wait for the Lovers New York Pizza canal cruise to leave, you can have a drink – each table comes with a selection of soft drinks and Heineken beer. You’re also able to order other soft drinks or wine from the crew.

There is always music playing, but the sound level is way within “acceptable” limits on the canals, and it’s not too overbearing that you can’t hear your partner from across the table. The music caters to a lot of tastes, and we heard hits from the 80s and upwards.

Our first stop was just across our departure point, where we docked to wait for the delivery of our supper, fresh from the New York Pizza ovens. When you book your tickets, you choose your pizzas upfront, which means there’s no waiting for orders, and you get exactly what you want. The crew also delivers your pizza to your table!

Menu options include: Margherita (vegan option available), Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Chilli chicken, Californian veggie and child-size margherita (20 cm). As you sip your drink and enjoy your pizza, the Amsterdam cruise glides smoothly along the canals, providing ever-changing views of the city’s waterways, beautiful architecture, lively streets and historical bridges.

New York Pizza by Lovers

The magestic Nemo Science Museum building

Lovers New York Pizza Canal Cruise

Passing the Blue Bridge and the National Opera & Ballet

Lovers New York Pizza Canal Cruise

There’s always room for dessert, especially when it’s cookie dough ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s

Scenic views and sweet dessert

There are no set routes on this cruise – each one is unique as the captain chooses the route based on traffic on the canal and size of the boat. On our cruise, we saw the Nemo Science Museum, the Blue Bridge, the 7 Bridges and the Skinny Bridge. We also passed through the trendy Jordaan district and the elegant canal houses and quaint boathouses. At each turn there was something captivating to see – people on their bikes, dogs on their walks, beautiful homes, old churches, charming neighbourhoods and bustling restaurants and cafés.

And just when things seem like they couldn’t get better, we are served Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and it’s cookie dough flavour, arguably their crème de la crème of flavours. From there, it’s blissful sailing, seeing the last of Amsterdam’s beautiful sites from this vantage point before we arrive at our end point.

Lovers New York Pizza Canal Cruise

The cruise goes past many iconic Amsterdam buildings

Lovers New York Pizza Canal Cruise

The Walter Süskind Bridge next to the Hermitage Museum

New York Pizza by Lovers

The Round Former Lutheran Church

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Our thoughts

The New York Pizza Cruise by Lovers is an enjoyable experience that blends relaxation, enjoyment and good food together. The vibe was great and we were never bored of the scenery, possibly because there is so much to see and take in all the time.

The only thing I “missed” was some commentary or information about the sights we passed, or interesting facts or trivia about the city. In fairness, though, this cruise doesn’t purport to be a guided trip, so it’s not like we are sold something we don’t get.

That said, it was a memorable and novel way to experience the city, and I’d go again, especially as the routes are always different. It’s so good, I’d even go if they didn’t serve cookie dough ice cream!

Lovers New York Pizza canal cruise reviews

Have you been on the New York Pizza Cruise by Lovers? Tell us and fellow travellers about your experience! How did you like the cruise? Did it live up to your expectations? Would you recommend this cruise to others or would recommend a different one? Let us know below!


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