6x modern architecture in Amsterdam

17 August, 2017 in Blog by Dani

What is the first thing that pops to mind when you think of architectural highlights in Amsterdam? Big chance that you were thinking of the ancient canal belt, the Royal palace on Dam Square, Amsterdam Central Station or may Rijksmuseum. In Amsterdam you’ll find so many impressive monumental buildings, that you’d almost forget that in the last 20 years new imposing buildings have been constructed. In this blog we’ll highlight 6 of these buildings. Some people will love them while others would name them repulsive. What do you think of these modern buildings?

Living tomorrow amsterdam

1. Living tomorrow Amsterdam

This building was constructed in 2003. In Dutch it was called “Huis van de Toekomst” which translates to “Home of the future”. The building was used as exhibition space for the most futuristic technologies and gadgets. Even with today’s technology most of the appliances would still be something of the feature. The bathroom mirror for instance had a build in screen which would give children instruction on how to brush their teeth, or bring you the latest news on the weather and traffic. The post man would not have to ring a doorbell as the mailbox would open itself for parcels to be delivered.

Living tomorrow was designed by UN studio and was developed in corporation with multinationals such as Philips, HP and Unilever. The original idea was that the building would be taken down after five years, as the technologies would be outdated by then. However after the Museum closed, the biggest dance event organization ID&T claimed the building as their head office. Nowadays the front of the building is claimed with a logo of the ABN AMRO bank.

2. ING House Amsterdam

The ING House, nicknamed ‘The Shoe’ for obvious reasons, is an unrecognizable building besides the Amsterdam ring road. It was build to be the head office of the insurance department of the Dutch ING Bank. The building was opened in 2002 and is fitted with some ingenious technologies to be as energy efficient as possible. The building is fitted for instance with double windows, which enables efficient climate control. The design of the building was awarded the “National Steelaward”. Ironically enough the jury mentioned that the amount of glass in the building reflected the transparency and openness of the financial industry.

Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten are the designers of the ING House. Construction of the building took approximately three years. Nowadays the ING Bank still owns the building but isn’t using it anymore, they’re planning to rent out the office space.
Fletcher Hotel South East Amsterdam

3. The Fletcher hotel (South-East Amsterdam)

Driving from Utrecht tot the capital of the Netherlands, this remarkable blue tower can’t be missed. The hotel opened in 2013 and is 60 meters high. The diameter of the cylinder shaped construction is only 24 meters, but offers enough space for 120 rooms. The rooms are centered around elevators and stairways in the axis of the building. The blue ‘skin’ is made out of glass. The well-isolated building is fitted with a system that stores warm or cold air to efficiently control the temperature.

Benthem Crouwel Architecten are the architects behind the design of the building. The blue glass was made by company called Octatube.
Nemo Science Museum

4.  Nemo Science Museum

In the very center of Amsterdam, besides Amsterdam Central Station rises the building of the Nemo Science Museum. Anybody who has visited the center of the city will recognize iconic building that opened in 1997. The characteristic green outside of the building is made of copper, the oxidation process makes the colour of the copper turn.

The designer of the building is the same company that designed the Centre Pompidou; Renzo Piano. The Nemo Science Centre was build on the foundations of the underlying IJ-tunnel. The shape of the building has been inspired by that same tunnel. The building has a rooftop terrace that is open to public.

Eye Film Museum Amsterdam

5. Eye Film Museum

The IJ river separates the Northern part of Amsterdam from the center of the city. When standing behind Amsterdam Central Station, watching over the river there’s one building that really can’t be missed; the Eye FIlm Museum. The remarkable building with its particular shapes was opened in 2012. Inside you’ll find four movie theaters, a shop and a restaurant.

The design of the building was realized by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, who won the assignment through a design contest. The result is this eye catching building a river banks of the IJ river.
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

6. Stedelijk Museum

The Museum Square in Amsterdam is a place where different art movements come together. The Stedelijk Museum is the embodiment of contemporary art in Amsterdam. The part of the building on the picture is the newest part of the museum, which is connected to the old building. The outside of the building reflects the art to be seen inside; modern and contemporary.

In 2004 the Stedelijk Museum decided that they needed extra exhibition space. Benthem Crouwel architects were selected for the job. The particular design has been nicknamed ‘the Bathtub’. The white exterior has been manufactured from Twaron; a material which is extremely strong and light and therefore used in aviation. After some delay with construction the museum was reopened in 2012.


What do you think of these buildings?

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