Dutch Food

You won’t find any Dutch food in other countries than Holland. The Dutch cuisine is often considered simple and monotone. Dutch delicacies on the other hand are very typical and have a strong particular taste. Typical Dutch foods include cheese, sweets like liquorice, and different sorts of pastry. Of course you can’t leave the country with out trying raw herring either.

Dutch Cheese

Dutch Cheese is famous all over the world. Cheese is one of the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about The Netherlands. A typical Dutch lunch is still a cheese sandwich. You probably know the best known Dutch cheese Gouda, which can be found all over the world. But as the Dutch have been making cheese since the 4th century, there are hundreds of different varieties to try. These varieties all have their very own taste as they differ from ingredients, aging, additives and spices. If you don’t find the time to go cheese tasting, you can simply order a ‘kaasplankje’ plate of cheese as a desert.

dutch food - cheese shop

Dutch sweets and liquorice

The Dutch are really font of their peculiar sweets. If you want to try Dutch sweets, you should look for markets, pharmacy stores or candy stores. Among the variety of sweets you’ll find the familiar lollipops, wine gums, but also liquorice. Liquorice or ‘drop’ as we call it are black little sweets with a salty or sweet taste. Like a lot of Dutch food it is common you need to eat it a few times, before you can appreciate the taste. People from abroad often find it a bit odd to eat black candy. Other people love it right from the start. Among which group do you belong?

dutch candy and liquorice

Dutch Fish

As the Netherlands is somewhat surrounded by sea, fish is part of the diet for most Dutchies. You will find fish sold in fish stalls, fish shops and on most markets. Just like the English we like to deep fry fish. The only difference is we don’t serve the fish with chips and we have our own specialties. Kibbeling is the most populair deep fried fish. It is usually made from cod, breaded with a delicious mix of spices. Kibbeling is best served fresh from the fryer with ravigote or garlic sauce. Other deep fried specialties are ‘lekkerbekjes’ which come closest to fish and chips, but also plaice, mussels and shrimps.

Of course the best known Dutch fish specialty is raw herring. You have to try raw herring, when visiting a Dutch fish shop! This strong tasting raw fish is a considered a really delicacy. Are you up for it?

dutch food - fish stall

Dutch pastries and cookies

Do you like pastries? Better make sure you don’t miss out on the Dutch Bakeries! In the bakeries you’ll find an overload of delicious cookies and pastries. Typical dutch food from the bakery are sweet and often contain loads of butter and whipped cream. So if you’re on a diet you might skip the bakery after all. If you’re not on a diet, definitely try;

  • Tompouce
  • Apple pie
  • Slagroomsoesjes
  • Bosche Bol or Berliner Bol
  • Slagroomtaart
  • Boterkoek


dutch food - pastries

Dutch food from the ‘snackbar’

We Dutchies have or very own type of fast food restaurants. We call these restaurants ‘snackbar’. In the snackbar you can get the common fast food such as hamburgers and chips, but besides you’ll find a range of typical Dutch fast foods that you’ve probably never seen before. These unhealthy dutch delicacies are deep fried and breaded snacks with meat or cheese. You will find a snackbar practically on every corner of the street. The most common snackbar is Febo, which sell it’s snacks from a wall with little windows. You simply drop in a coin and pick a snack of choice. If you go for a snackbar, make sure to try one or more of the following snacks;

  • Kroket
  • Frikandel
  • Kaassouflé (cheese)
  • Mexicano
  • Bami or nasischijf
  • Satékroket

If you get a snack from the wall, the snacks come with out any sauce. But when you order from the desk, you might want to try:

  • Met; Mayonaise
  • Speciaal; Mayonaise with tomato ketchup or spiced ketchup, optional with raw onions
  • Oorlog; Mayonaise and saté sauce, optional with raw onions

dutch food - snackbar