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29 October, 2016 in Blog by Dani

Imagine, having acces to more then 50 (exactly 57) museums at night in Amsterdam. Hearing lots of (live) music & entertainment, see world famous art, and having a drink everywhere in the city. Special tours will be given, and there are after party’s, to amuse you until the early hours. This big event is called the Museum Nacht (better known as Museum Night Amsterdam). It’s organized every year on the first Saturday of November.

See it for yourself on the 17th edition on Saturday the 5th of November from 7PM until 2AM.

This event is well visited by both locals and non Dutch visitors. The event drawls around 30.000 people to the museums. The purpose of Museum Night is to drawl a new and younger audience between 18 – 35 years old to the Amsterdam museums. Originally the concept of Museum Night was founded in Berlin. Other big cities like Rotterdam in the Netherlands are starting with their own Museum Night as well. The Museum Night in Amsterdam is the biggest one. 

Can’t make it to Museum Night this year?

We can imagine, that you’re not fortunate enough to be in Amsterdam November the 5th. Luckily, there are more then enough things to do in Amsterdam all year around. Via the blue button bellow you see the complete overview of all the activities that can fit in your schedule.

Tickets for the Museum Night Amsterdam

The Museum Night is actually a very good deal, when you’re planning to visit more than one museum in Amsterdam. 

Tickets to the Museum Night grand you entrance to all 57 museums on November 5th. Tip: download the Museumnacht-app, to get many extra’s (available for Apple or Android device). 

Museums Night e-tickets are available via this link. Note: it’s not possible to buy tickets at the entrance of the participating museums on November the 5th. The last 3 years the Museum Night sold out.
Most of the website is Dutch. When you scroll down on the page you’ll see the PayLogic-logo. Just change the language setting to English.

The ticket cost €19,95,- and gives you:

  • entrance to 57 museums
  • over more then 250 activities
  • a bracelet that gives free entrance to a museum of choice. It’s valid until December 31th 2016. (excluded are: Artis, Micropia, Koninklijk Paleis, Diamant Museum and Museum tot Zover).

Important information about the Museum Night you must know

Credit cards payments are not excepted. Of course everyone is welcome, like mentioned before, but for the organisation (N8) the focus is to get new, local young people in touch with the Amsterdam museums. In an effort to get new potential returning visitors.

Alternatives for the Museum Night

If you can’t make it on November 5th, and still want to visit one of the amazing Amsterdam museums, just click the blue button below. You’ll find very detailed information about the best museums that the city has to offer!

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Thing to do in Amsterdam

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