Parking troubles in Amsterdam

03 July, 2016 in Blog by Dani

We know that parking in Amsterdam can be a bit of a hassle from time to time. Parking spaces in the city are limited and expensive. We’d like to emphasize that it’s worth doing a bit of research before parking your car. Not doing any research at all can result in all sorts of trouble, as the picture below proofs.  You definitely don’t want to get in the same sort of trouble as the motorist below. The picture reported by local news broadcast AT5 shows that this car owner isn’t going to get home just yet.

at5 parked car
Parked car in trouble source:

We checked out the the car four days later. Although the situation got a bit better, it still doesn’t seem like a good spot. So if you plan on coming to Amsterdam by car, better be sure to come prepared!

Parking trouble in Amsterdam

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