Walking tour red light district

Walking tour Red Light District

20 February, 2024 in Blog by Floris

Welcome to the enchanting city of Amsterdam, a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and unforgettable experiences. Exploring this lively city is like embarking on a treasure hunt, each corner revealing a new and exciting facet. Among the must-see wonders, the iconic Red Light District stands out as a captivating slice of Amsterdam’s allure. Picture this: charming canals, historic architecture, and a sense of adventure lingering in the air. But, there’s one experience that adds an extra dash of excitement to your Amsterdam adventure—the Red Light district walking tour with Around Tours!

Red Light District Walking Tour

The Red Light District walking tour is not just a stroll through historic streets; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of Amsterdam’s famed district. The best part? It’s not your typical guided tour with a physical guide. Instead, Around Tours brings you a virtual guide—an expert who knows Amsterdam inside out. This innovative approach ensures flexibility and convenience, letting you start the tour whenever your heart desires.

Are walking tours in the Red Light district still allowed?

The government has restricted guides from running Red Light district walking tours, which is one of the most fascinating areas of the city. We don’t want to advise you to take a tour from non-official guides who don’t comply with the latest rules. This is why we advise you to use Around and their walking tours in Amsterdam, which include a Red Light District walking tour.

What are the Costs?

Now, you might wonder about the cost. Fear not! Around Tours offers a budget-friendly solution that opens the door to a world of exploration. Forget the constraints of traditional tours; with Around, you don’t just buy a single tour but gain access to all available tours on the platform for a specified time. The pricing is as delightful as the experience itself, with options like (we will update if this changes):

  • All tours for 1 day cost only $9.99
  • All tours for 3 days cost only $14.99
  • All tours for 7 days cost only $24.99
  • All tours for 14 days cost only $34.99

How does it work?

Worried about rigid schedules? Around Tours gives you the power to explore at your own pace. Simply follow the map, listen to the captivating audio guide at each stop, and pause, resume, or skip as you please. Fancy a pitstop at a quaint cafe or want to savour the Red Light District’s allure at night? With Around Tours, the city is yours to discover on your terms.

oude kerk red light district
koepel kerk red light district

Addresses & Locations

So, where exactly does this exhilarating journey unfold? The beauty of the Red Light district walking tour with Around Tours lies in its virtual nature. No need to rush to a specific meeting point; instead, the experience seamlessly integrates into your Amsterdam exploration. Just purchase your tickets, follow the map directions, listen to the audio of the local guide, and enjoy the experience at your own pace.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Around?
Around is a platform offering self-guided walking tours curated by expert guides.

Can I take a Red Light district walking tour with Around?
Yes, Around offers a Red Light district walking tour. Not only that, but they also contribute to keeping the district less cluttered, which is why traditional walking tours have been restricted.

How long is each tour?
Tours generally last 1 to 3 hours, depending on your preference.

What is a self-guided walking tour?
A self-guided walking tour is an audio tour that you can take on your own time. It is composed of an itinerary, a series of stops, with an audio guide and a photo for each.

How much does it cost?
Access to Around starts at only $9.99, offering fantastic value for a memorable Amsterdam adventure.

Do they have tours only in Amsterdam?
No, Around offers tours in many cities worldwide, adding new tours and cities weekly.

Red Light District streets

Reviews of The Self-Guided Red Light District Walking Tour

We are always interested in finding out about our visitors' experiences. Please leave your review below and help fellow visitors! What did you think of The Self-Guided Red Light District Walking Tour? Was it easy to find your way around? Would you recommend it to your friends? Include all you want in your review and please be patient as we check all reviews by hand. Yours will be posted soon!


A great way to discover the Red Light district

It was the first time for me taking a self-guided walking tour and I found it super convenient. The guide and her audio explanations were very informative, and I liked the flexibility to stop and restart as I wanted. The district is full of shops, bars, and little gems, so it was great to stop there all the time I needed and resume the tour right after. Also, the price is great since there are also other tours in the city available.


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